After Update to 5.1.3 database is locked

Windows 10
Gramps 5.1.3

After updating Gramps 5.1.2 to 5.1.3 my database is locked. ,I don’t now how to unlock it because if I close the dialogue where it says that the databse is locked, whole Gramps is blocked (everything light grey) nothing reacts with clicking on. I have to close it with the taskmanager.

Do you have any idea how to unlock my database?

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There’s a good thread discussing locked Trees & exiting cleanly.

The following quoted paragraph takes you directly to the specific section … but it is worth reading the whole thread.

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Thanks for your welcome and very fast answer!

I read the whole thread but it didn’t help.

With Alt-F4 I’m able to “unlock” Gramps itself and I can than close it normaly but I don’t have access to my database. If I try to manage Family Trees to unlock the databse, Gramps itself locks.

Don’t close the dialogue. Select the locked database and try to open it.
You’ll get the following:

select “break lock”


Hello SNoiraud,

that helped! With the dialogue open which says that the database is locked I pressed Alt+F4. Than the window “Manage Family Tree” opened und with double click on my Tree there was another dialogue where I could choose to unlock it.

Thanks a lott to both of you for your help.

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Thanks for the feedback. The other thread has been amended to quote @SNoiraud about not close the dialog.

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