Locked out of database it says

Hi im new so not uo to speed with stuff. When I try to launch the family tree as a chart it just says the datbase is locked and suggest what looks like a command prompt. What do you actually have to do?

Have a read of Unlocking a Family Tree and see if that helps?

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When you don’t exit Gramps cleanly, the “lock” file is not cleared from the database folder. That file is nothing but a placeholder. Gramps looks for the file before opening a database. This keeps more than 1 user from simultaneously accessing the database file.

Most likely, this occurred if you launched the “Console” Gramps launcher. Which is a nice diagnostic option because all warning & error messages are displayed in a CLI window. But if you close the Console window instead of telling Gramps to Quit, then Gramps aborts unnaturally and doesn’t have a chance to clear the lock file.

However, Gramps offers the option to “break” the lock from the Family Trees loading dialog. Double click the locked database and the following option appears:

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