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Hi all,

I found a bug in Gramps and I wanted to report it in Mantis. Unfortunately, I forgot my password because I have not logged in for long. Is there a way to reset my password?

For those interested, the bug is in gramps/gui/editors both and, method _local_init(self). If the edited object is found to be a new one (not already known in the DB), its handle is initialised with a call to create_id().

This spurious initialisation prevents using methods add_family() and add_person(). Instead commit_family() and commit_person() are used, bypassing some verifications. With the present implementation of, this is not important as redundant checks are made during the commit. However this is basically wrong and creates a link between GUI edition and DB details (a handle is an internal attribute of the DB and should not be visible elsewhere).

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MantisBT Password reset page

If that does not work then

Contact administrator for assistance

as shown on the bottom of most MantisBt pages the word administrator links to an email address :+1:

Done, thanks

Bug 0012823

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