A Quick Question about Printing

So, I’ve tackled collecting and printing almost everything out in to binders. Now, I’m looking for a storefront or online service to do custom printing:

The PDF of the full tree is best sized to be a fairly long (horizontally) printed document–roughly 8.5 by 120 inches.

I would like to print the family tree but cannot find a good service to do it here in NYS (USA). Does anyone have any advice for me as to where to go that can do what I’m looking to do at a reasonable price? (I am looking for paper printing so I’m able store it within the binder’s pocket.)

I used a local Office Depot (which has the wide format poster printers) to print a 36"x120" family tree for a reunion party. About $100 when I did it. Kind of expensive. You might also try Fedex Office.

Gramps will print on regular paper sheets, splitting up the graph into multiple horizontal and vertical pages with a small overlap. These can be cut (with scissors) and taped together into a longer sheet, kind of cheap but a little tacky. I generally use the Relationship Graph, and use the Graphviz Layout tab to specify the number of horizontal/vertical pages.

Photographic print quality is relatively expensive. Instead, I use a
local reprographics shop. The cost of an A0 print is about $8: you email
them a PDF and collect the print, it’s usually ready within minutes.Â
Your tree would fit on A0 (46 by 33 inches) with two joins.

I suspect that that the printers they use will also accommodate similar
US paper sizes.

David Lynch

Much thanks. Please excuse my novice status. I’ll try and go with the cheaper option since family trees are ever-growing (i.e. a local shop called Accuprint here in Albany).

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