5.2 beta 2 thumbnails not showing

Beta 2 on linux runs great, but in windows 11, thumbnails are not displaying. Every image has a document thumbnail. I wiped everything gramps off my windows machine and installed new. I then reloaded database using xml import. Still no images.

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Do you see any messages in the console?

Try putting a debug statement in the image thumbnailer to check that it is being called.

I just installed 5.2 beta 2 and noticed the same except for myself as the Home Person.

I am on Win10 so I used the Media Manager to switch “/” to :“\” in the media Path field.

I then ran the Thumbnail Generator.

All media seems to be showing their thumbnails. I did not check all 27K media records.


FYI: I imported my last backup of my 5.1.5 database into 5.2. Not sure if that is part of the problem…

I did all that, recreate thumbnails didn’t do anything. I then copied over my database from linux and then fixed paths. Still just getting a document thumbnail. Double click brings up images on outside viewer so I know the links are ok.

While trying to troubleshoot map tile caching, I found file path changes from the 5.1.x version. All seem to be causing problems. (In the Geography view, the map tile cache path can be found using the view Config.)

One was for thumbnails. The cache location is not using the %appdata% environment variable path, it is using subdirectories under %localappdata%

Env Var   path
%appdata% C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming
%localappdata% C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local

And the install path for the Gramps User Directory


And the default relative media path is weird too.


Also, the Windows Gramps beta2 GUI doesn’t seem to be able to read .png files anymore. Not thumbnails and not map tiles.

Double-clicking a .png media object still opens the ‘helper application’ associated with the .png extension and successfully loads the file.

Running GrampsAIO-5.2.0-beta2-1_win64 on Win10

On my newest import, after running Media Manager to switch “/” to “\” all of my .png files show their thumbnails.

I have switched my default user files from the appdata location to…


so Gramps can be accessed by both user profiles on this box.

I have a genealogy folder outside of my personal directory in windows with a folder called databases where my gramps databases are stored. This way everything is one place for mirror coping to another drive using freefilesync as my backup. Under 5.1.6 I had no problems with this arrangement. But I’ll check out what emyoulation said to look at.

This media path is imported from the example family tree.

An update.

Not all .jpg images are showing thumbnails in the Gallery tab in the Media view but do show the thumbnail in the media’s edit window.

I added a new .jpg file to a record. This record is not showing a thumbnail anywhere. Editing the record from the person’s gallery the reference Preview pane does show the image.

After running Thumbnail Generator this record’s thumbnails did not resolve.

I deleted all thumbnails from both thumb/large and /normal. Opening the media record from the person’s edit window as well the Media view did not reconstitute any thumbnails in the thumb/ folders. Going to my record and doing the same to my media records also failed to generate thumbnails.

Will report back once the Thumbnail Generator does its thing.

The Thumbnail Generator created absolutely NO thumbnails.

I removed the tool and installed the most recent generator version for 5.2, 1.0.27 and reran the tool again with no thumbnails generated.

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Try setting the environment variable XDG_CACHE_HOME. The thumbnails are stored in ${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/gramps/thumb/normal and ${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/gramps/thumb/large.

According to @emyoulation the default is “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache”. We obtain this from a call to GLib.get_user_cache_dir(). The documentation states that it “Returns a base directory in which to store non-essential, cached data specific to particular user”.

I have since the early release of 5.0 used

GRAMPSHOME = c:\users\public\genealogy

I set the environment variable.

XDG_CACHE_HOME = c:\users\public\genealogy

Rebooted system with no luck solving thumbnail creation.


XDG_CACHE_HOME = c:\users\public\genealogy\gramps

Again, no luck.

The file gramps/plugins/thumbnailer/imagethumb.py contains the thumbnailer. Try putting a couple of debug statements in it to see if it is being called.

The is_supported() method is called to see if a particular mime type is supported by the thumbnailer. If you add print (mime_type) you should see some files which start with “image”.

The run() method is called to actually run the thumbnailer. If you put a print statement in there you should see it output for every file.

If the output directory was read-only you should have seen error messages on the console.

What kind of print statement for the console to show the full path & filename for both the media file and the path for thumbnails to the console?

You could try print (mime_type, src_file, dest_file), but I’d just like to know if it is called.


It would good to hear what the paths are for thumbnails and relative media paths under the 5.2 beta2 on Linux flavors, macOS and Windows.

There are shortfalls in the Windows fork where Gramps can’t resolve standard OS Environment variables. So this be a start on a bare bones debug gramplet to see if the paths are being converted between OSes.

I can confidently say that gramps/plugins/thumbnailer/imagethumb.py is NOT being called.

In the GrampsAIO-5.2.0-beta2-1_win64 install, that folder and file do NOT exist.

I checked the beta2 source code zip file and it is there.

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OK. I see the problem. The thumbnailers are missing from the setup.py script.