Window not updating after an edit

Transcribed from Beta tester feedback on facebook. No attempt to replicate yet.

GRAMPS for Genealogists Facebook group member Daniele Cordella says:

In the meantime I describe here one more instance of refresh failure.

Go to family section Families View.
Select a family from the list.
(choose a family having at least one child with birth date already specified. Let’s assume the name of this child is ChildName)
Double click on the family row in the upper part of the page.
In the family window (where the father is on the top left and the mother in the top right) double click ChildName row.

On the top right of the opening window, select the “notepad with the pen” icon on the top right.
Change the birth date of ChildName.
Close all the windows you opened until you return to the main family section area window.
Select again the same family as you did at the beginning.

Look at the birth date of ChildName. It has not been updated.

Sorry. That was impossible to follow. Clarification has been requested.

The user isn’t familiar with a lot of Gramps nuances. But I suspect this particular issue might be related to the known issue about closing a parent window before a change made in a spawned window has been committed. (Closing the parent window dismisses the child window.) If so, a “known bug” report doesn’t belong in the Beta Test forum.

Related to MantisBT bug reports:

  • 0012008 : Parents quietly abandon spawned newborn Objects
  • 0007924 : unsaved data lost when clicking on wrong OK button

I followed the description, and was able to reproduce the issue. The at least some of the Gramplets in the bottom of the main screen (and probably in sidebar etc.) are not registered to update on changes to the basic data they are displaying. The data updates when going to another selection at top of view and back to original. In this case the gramps/plugins/gramplet/ would need to register for changes in person (to deal with name changes, and new birth/death events), and changes in events (to deal with date changes in the events). Might be worth a bug report…

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It looks like it existed in v5.1.4 too. Since a bug has been reported and it isn’t a new bug in the beta versions, I’m going to move this thread out of the Beta Test category.

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