Adding children keeps jumping to first sibling

Running Gramps 5.1.3 on manjaro KDE using php 3.9. While in Relationships, when I’m adding children to a father, relationship keeps changing to the first child. It does this with each child. I can add children as siblings with not problems, but from father screen no so good. Have to watch to make sure adding children to right family.

Gramps 5.1.3 on Fedora 33 …

I have been seeing this too, for quite some time. It seems that Gramps loses track of where it is in the history stack, and sometimes jumps back two or three or four places instead of one.

We had some discussion about it maybe 6 months ago, but were never able to find a way to reliably reproduce the problem. And yes, I have managed to add children to the wrong family as a result.

I was seeing it sometimes when adding offspring via the data entry Gramplet too. It was like the Active person index was decrementing instead of incrementing. It doesn’t happen often… but once it starts, it only stops by restarting

Saw a totally different variation last week. I was filling out a family line in the Relationship view. Every time I added a Place to an Event by drag’n’drop from the Clipboard, Gramps jumped from the Relationships view to the Geography view and centered on that Place!

Now that I think about it, the view switch might have been a bug specific to that Geography view ‘All Known Places’ mode forcing a view refresh. I don’t normally have that view mode set in the Geography view. Usually Geography is set to the default: “All known places for one Person” mode. I was thinking the non-visible views were inert.

I notice this activity when adding a person in the relationship view. And the person that the view jumps to will be the last person in the view that I last viewed in a people list (usually the Grouped People list.

Usual scenario: I add a spouse to a person in the relationship view. I select the new spouse and then open the Grouped People list to confirm that I do not already have this person in the database. I return to the Relationship view and select the initial person and then add a child. The jump will be to that new spouse after creating the child.

I have not ever seen a jump to a person not already visible in the relationship view.

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