Where is GooCanvas 3.0?

When I run Gramps 5.2 from the latest maintenanc/gramps52, in Linux, the new add-on manager tells me that it can’t install the Graph View, or whatever that’s called, because it depends on GooCanvas 3.0. And in can’t install that, not even when I check the Install required Python modules option.

And when I run Synaptic, there is no trace of a GooCanvas newer than 2.0.4, not in my Debian based LMDE 5, which I run on my desktop, nor in the ubuntu based Linux Mint 21.2 running on my laptop.

So the question is, where is it? And do we really need version 3.0?

I suspected we were going to have trouble with this. The Gramps “requirements” logic only allows us to ask for one version of a given module. For Graph View, either version 2.0 or 3.0 will work fine. Some Linuxes (Arch) only have 3.0.x, others like yours, only 2.0.x.

For now, you can install Graph View with the Plugin Manager Enhanced (which is itself an addon). It will install even if Gramps thinks prerequisites are not met. Since you have GooCanvas 2.0.4, GrapshView should run fine.

I’ll add check for either 2.0 or 3.0.

Perhaps we could enhance require_gi to accept a comma separated list of acceptable versions. e.g. (“GooCanvas”, “2.0,3.0”)

See pull request #1583: Allow multiple versions in gi requirements

GraphView is still not loading in windows11

The requirement for GooCanvas has changed to “2.0” or “3.0”. You need an up-to-date version of Gramps to use this new feature. Older versions will always fail the requirements check.

I used GrampsAIO64-5.2.0

I have just built a new Windows AIO with all the latest updates.

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Thank you very much. GraphView working now.

But still some addons under enhanced plugin manager under windows not loadable. Missing: life_line_chart, svgwrite, boto3

This has now been fixed. See:

The new Addon Manager will automatically install the dependencies for you.

It looks like @prculley is introducing the same functionality in to the enhanced plugin manager. Perhaps he is waiting for us to iron out any bugs in the core functionality first. I suggest that you give him a little time.

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Thanks, no problem with waiting. Just wanted to tell it.

This may be so, but if you configure the new plug-in manager to install the needed Python modules for you, you can install everything without exception, including the life line things, and S3.

I tested this a lot, often building my own AIO installer, and I just tested this again with the AIO built by Nick and it works.

This means that, after installing all plug-ins with the new manager, the enhanced one shows everything as installed, including the ones in your screenshot.