Validation PO for finding untranslatable strings

Could a Gibberish PO be created programmatically by generating random garbage (like, from the Unicode Mahjong Tile range U+1F000U+1F02F (126976127023) for every existing String in the list? And be regenerated locally on demand… so that a person writing code could run an immediate test?

When a Developer runs a Gramps (or add-on) in the Gibberish language, then they can spot any label in the GUI that hasn’t been set to ‘translatable’.

I initially considered just suggesting prefixing the string the a Check or other Wingding, but realized that or evolution to spot interpretable language means attention will be instantly focused on words we can read. It would take more concentration to filter which labels have a marker character & which do not.

There isn’t simple solution identifying which have translated help-url strings. (Help buttons don’t have followed/unfollowed visual cues. So you have to actually follow EACH help opportunity.

However, since there are SOOO many timeout retries with a bad hyperlink, the Gibberish help_url should a standardized fully qualified & relative URL that points to very quick loading translator help pages.

e.g., “The button just clicked had a translatable fully qualified URL. Perhaps you wanted a translatable Relative URL instead? Here’s how that would be done in a Gramps core module, addon, and in a Gramps plugin registration file…”

This from the Weblate support site:

There is already pseudolocale add-on, it adds prefix and suffix to all strings, what serves well for testing - you see which strings are translatable, and you also see what string is that.

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