Using Supertool to import Attributes and URLs - An example

I recently grafted a section on to my Family Tree that was exported from Ancestry. As part of this process, I wanted to add an internet link to each person that links directly back to the source person at Ancestry and Ancestry Library Edition. I also wanted to add the TreeID and PersonID variables from the URL as Attributes to each person.

Below is the process I followed to add the Attributes and URLs using the SuperTool. I was able to do all this using the SuperTool using Gramps that is installed and running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (wsl). I don’t think this process will work with Gramps-AIO (Sorry). I hope this process can assist others hoping to do similar imports.

Create Spreadsheet
Though I performed a GEDCOM import from Ancestry to Gramps, the urls found the source citations did not have a PersonID that would work for my purposes.

I was able to get a list of useable URLs from Ancestry Library Edition. (on the tree view look for an option to list of members of a tree). I created a CSV file of the URLs that I needed via copy and paste. I added the gramps_id column and manually populated it by comparing the list to my Gramps database. (This is the most time-consuming part of this process)

My csv file looks like this:

I00959,"Jackson, Charlotte Mary",,"abt 1849 - Islington, Middlesex, England",-
I00022,"Jackson, Clifford Henders",,"21 Jul 1904 - York, Ontario, Canada","05 JAN 1954 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada"
I00011,"Jackson, Dorothy Bessie",,"12 Nov 1899 - York, Ontario, Canada",-
I00794,"JACKSON, Edward",,"abt 1824 - St Clements, Middlesex, England",1861 - Queensland

The SuperTool script will extract the Tree ID and Person ID from the URL.

Install Pandas on my computer (
I used pandas to load the csv and search the csv. This is the reason, I don’t think this script won’t work with Gramps-AIO.

pip install pandas

Install SuperTool
The Wiki has instructions on this: Isotammi addons - Gramps

Load and Run the SuperTool Script
I have left the script on Github so it can be updated, as needed, after this discussion topic closes.

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I’d tried to use gramps from WSL but it didn’t work well (windowing issues as I remember). Do you use it always from WSL or just for this then regulary from windows ?

I always use Gramps on WSL. I’m using x410 ( I found it works better than VcXsrv. With VcXsrv I did observe windowing issues.

If you want to discuss more gramps on wsl, let’s open up a new topic.

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