Using python libraries and flatpak

I’ve been looking at using the flatpak version of Gramps to get a more recent version than my Linux distribution ships. I also write python scripts to interact with my Gramps databases. What is right way to reference the python libraries inside the flatpak environment? Or am I better off installing Gramps outside of flatpak for this use case?

I do not know if the Gramps Flatpak contributor, Scott Mackay, is on this forum. He communicated via the developer mailing list before the Discourse forum was created.

You might want to visit his GitHub repository and start a discussion there?

If you want the latest, I recommend that you download the DEB file from here,

or build and install from source.

Installing from DEB is easier than using the flatpak, and also makes it easier to start Gramps from the command line, because you can simply type gramps, instead of some flatpak command.

Are your scripts on GitHub?

I’ve used flatpak for other applications and been fine with how it launches. However I haven’t needed to reference the libraries from inside a flatpak before. Knowing that there is a deb to download is a good solution.

My scripts are not on github. So far they are just for things like automatic backup and some data cleaning.

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What kind of cleaning is that? I’m curious, because I’m doing that on the XML files now.

I’ve got one to add a source to everything that I’m going to import into another tree so that I recognize the import as a source of information. Another checks that my Find A Grave references are using a consistent format (tracking the memorial ID and URL). Then I remove REFN and Merged Gramps ID attributes.

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