Unlock database on MacOS command line

Version 5.0.0 OS: MacOS

Please can someone advise how to unlock my family tree database from the Command line?



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Is there some reason that you haven’t updated to the latest version of Gramps (5.1.3)?

Assuming you installed Gramps from the official .dmg installer, @prculley 's advice needs to be modified a little. The unlock command would be

/Applications/Gramps.app/Contents/MacOS/Gramps -O "Family Tree 1" -a report -u > /dev/null


Since the 5.1.4 release is imminent, I opted to not suggest a 5.1.3 update. He’d just have to update again. (Although many users wait for a couple weeks after release & let others volunteer to be the cannon fodder. Personally, my hometown had 2 of the largest pyrotechnics makers in the US. So I love fireworks!)

Thanks All. My family tree is unlocked. I’ll upgrade to 5.1.4 when its released.



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