Tool for checking for persons with missing sources

I recently started using Gramps for a small family project, and now this has become bigger than I thought it would. Therefore, I wonder if it would be better to add a source to all persons. As I would have to add that data subsequently, and I don’t want to open every single person to check if the source is missing, I’d like to have a tool that tells me where the source is missing.

Is there something like that or is there another way to achieve this?


There is a filter option People with <count> sources in the Person’s Citation/Source filter rule.

This would give you the list of people having no source/citation.

If you want people without a specific source/citation then use the People with the <source> and select the source you want everyone to have. And then in the Define Filter edit window check the box for Return values that do not match the filter rules

You can then give people that show in the resulting list their source/citation. If they all receive the same entry, you can copy this to the Clipboard and add it to the people. And if they are receiving the same you can select a group of the people, right-click, and edit. A stack of edit windows will open making it a little easier. This is only a good practice with the same repetitious edit.

The last way is to export to a GEDCOM file and then import that file back into a new empty database. Before you import, check the box in Preferences’ General tab Add default source on GEDCOM import. Adding a source option only works on GEDCOM files. There is an Add Tag option for all imports but you can already do this with the database you are already working on.

The caution is that a GEDCOM file is different than the Gramps XML backups and exports. Things can become garbled in the import although every effort has been taken to minimize this.

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And then double-checking tools…

There is an Attach Source tool. Tools >> Family Tree Processing >> Attach Source

This does not come with the Gramps install but must be added as an Addon. Go to menu Edit >> Preferences >> General tab >> Third party addons management

If you have already run this but not selected this addon, you will need to uncheck the Do not ask about previously notified addons box.

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I have a added a custom filter so now I can quickly see people having no source. Also, found the mentioned plugin by accident shortly after I created this thread and will be checking it out.

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