Testing PRs/bugs and ability to add labels, reviewers in GitHub

In this post @Nick-Hall mentioned labels like ‘Needs testing’. Using labels is a really nice way for anyone wanting to help to quickly scan PRs and pick issues to contribute their time to.

As a code contributor, I would like to be able to add a label ‘Needs testing’ to a PR I created because it’s been tested only on Windows, and I would hate for it to be merged to the codebase without testing on Linux and MacOS.

In addition to adding labels, it would be great if reviewers could be requested for GitHub PRs based on previous authors of the code. What’s the normal way to request this? Put a comment in the PR?



I think github has the feature to request a code review from a selected person.

There’s been good response here when asking for Mac & Linux testing to compliment my test on Windoze.

We can create some new labels if they would be helpful. At the moment “Needs testing” is defined as “A pull request that has been approved but needs testing before it can be merged.”, but I can always create a separate “Approved” label.

Users need to be granted the “Triage” role to be able to add and remove them.


That’s the missing piece. As @Mattkmmr said, labels and reviewers are a long standing GitHub feature but I wasn’t able to set a label or ask for a review because of the missing Triage role. May I request that role? Thanks.

@emyoulation I will post here when testing is needed for a PR. Thanks!


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