Tags & Attributes tools

I wonder if a ‘Tag to Attribute’ conversion tool might not be useful?

If a Tag could be converted to an attribute, then the value of both tags & attributes would be enhanced.

  • Consistently setting an Attribute would become easier. (Create a Tag, do an extended selection {or filter}, apply the Tag, convert the Tag to an Attribute)
  • Filtering on Attributes is difficult. A Tag equivalent would add this functionality.
  • Overly long Tags lists could be dynamically simplified.
  • WIP Tags could be converted to Attributes thus causing less clutter in charts or final output of graphical reports & the Narrated Website. Then converted back to Tags to continue work.
  • The covert persistency of Attributes and the overt accessibility of Tags would become interchangeable.

Possible options:

  • Applying custom filters for the Tags of objects (or secondary objects enclosed by filtered primary objects)
  • segmentation by object Type
  • Have a corollary functionality that set a Tag for every object with a specific Attribute
  • Option to clear (or keep) the originating tag/attributes being converted
  • RegEx Pattern matching for the Tag name or Attribute Value (e.g. all Tags with ‘Import’ )
  • Select Originating & Target from list of Existing Tags/Attributes
  • Use the originating Tag name as the target Attribute Value
  • Create a new (override) Tag name or Attribute Value as the target
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There is a Set Attribute tool A filter on a Tag can be set to add an Attribute.

There are two major drawbacks.

  1. The set attribute only works on People records.

  2. Once a certain attribute Type is set, running the tool to set a new Value under the same Type, the tool will edit the existing Attribute and not add a new Attribute with the same Type and a different Value.