Source display vs Source/Citation display

Is it just me who is upset by the Source display and the Source/Citation display inequality. The Source display must be one of the original displays, and the Source/Citation display was an afterthought. The filters created under the Source diplay can be used by other displays, but those created under the Source/Citation display cannot, neither can they be used by programs. It is as though the Source/Citation tree did not exist.
I prefer the Source/Citation display filters, you can do so much more than in the Source display filters.
Is there apartheid in Gramps, where nobody talks to the Source Citation diplay?

There was a pretty involved discussion about Citations a few months ago.

Everybody want to improve them but a consensus hasn’t been reached. There were definite camps of opinion being dug in.

There will probably some experiments & test balloons. Perhaps some hands-on time will help bring people together.

There are no Sources and Sources/Citations filters. There are Sources filters and Citations filters. It is the latter, which can use Sources filters, which can be found in the Sources/Citations view.

I bypassed some of their limitations, like filtering sources depending on some citations related criteria, with some homemade Supertool filters.

Oh, that’s weird. I would never have thought to look for Source filters in the Citation display.