SMTP configuration

Where is the SMTP configuration (server, credentials, etc.) stored please?

There are several possibilities. Environment variables, config file, or user database. If you set it up using the first-run assistant, the latter. You can set it up using the API, no need for command line.

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Could you post a sample config.cfg file so I get the syntax correct please (and thank you!)

Wow. Took a bit of experimenting to discover how Material for MkDocs handles passing header anchors through the URL.

(slash hashtag followed by the lower case header text with dashes subbed for spaces. Our MediaWiki site doesn’t add a slash between the page and the anchor, keeps the capitalization and uses underscores instead of dashes/hyphens.)

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FYSA – the information is stored in the User DB – /var/lib/docker/volumes/grampsweb_gramps_users/_data/users.sqlite3. SELECT * from configuration;