Transcribed from Reddit: configure SMTP/email pw reset

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GrampsWeb: how configure SMTP/email pw reset?


maybe i’m blind - but i can’t find settings anywhere to define a smtp server to send out pw-reset or registration links

is there any documentation where to find and configure?

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OhMyForm · 9 Sep 2023

From what I’m told this is still a very early alpha of the project so don’t hold your breath but it sounds like a big passion project that may one day come to fruition. I for one am very much looking forward to something like this becoming available as I deeply believe that it puts society in a bad place forgetting its history.

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dm1407 · 9 Sep 2023 · edited 11 days ago

Gramps 5.1.6-1 MacOS - Intel

For the Gramps Web see the following support website Get Help - Gramps Web I think you are describing a technical Backend issues so file the help request on this link Issues · gramps-project/gramps-webapi · GitHub

Generally this reddit is for the desktop version where it relates to data entry and reports etc, but not configuration.

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486321581 · 11 Sep 2023

I ran into that too. I was lazy to try yoo hard, i assume one had to link that properly to a service, tried with gmail and hotmail and it did not work. One option somewhere was the server address, port login, pass… Maybe one should also have some local email server??

Thanks for the heads-up! I answered directly on the reddit. The documentation is here: Server Configuration - Gramps Web (for me this is the #4 search result when I Google “Gramps Web email”…) :speak_no_evil:

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