How can email server configuration be added to a deployed gramps-web docker containier

I have deployed gramps-web virtually for testing in a Debian 12 virtual machine (VirtualBox) running on my Ubuntu 20.04.4 desktop. I did not set up the optional email server information prior to start-up and wondered how this information can be added to a running container.

Gramps 5.2.2
Gramps Web API 2.3.0
Gramps Web Frontend 24.5.0
Gramps QL 0.3.0
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

You can use environment variables or a config file.

How are the environmental variables or config file passed to a running server?

You need to restart the container.

I’ve restarted the container, but I noted that port 465 isn’t used by for TLS connections but 587 is. I changed this in the config.cfg and stopped and restarted the containers but now there is no attempt to send an email for a new account, the system just sits waiting for input. I am used to managing Apache, Postgresql and custom PERL code on production servers from my position pre-retirement and I have managed to learn to use LXD/LXC containers fairly well but Docker is a mystery to me. I am used to shelling into containers and manually editing config files. This is just a prototyping gramps-web server so I could just delete this Debian 12 virtual server and start over. I wanted to work out details before I implement a production server on my Raspberry PI4 production server which has an SSL certificate.

Thanks for your advice.