Sample 'custom type' code snippits for Forking Reports tutorial?

While tweaking the wiki page that suggests possibilities for custom Event types, the thought occurred that custom types, attributes and associations would be a lot more valuable if reports were modified to leverage them.

Since each custom Type is going to have a limited audience, it would probably be best to show users how to customize a report to look at these items.

I thought it might be useful to have a tutorial that forks the Person Everything report to make one that includes Associations.
Likewise, the Note Link report could be forked for a tutorial on look for a user selectable Association/custom type/custom attribute.

Does someone have code snippits that could be added to a new tutorial on modifying reports? (It would be an alternative to the report writing tutorial.)

The idea would be to have confidence building steps that show a person:

  1. How to successfully fork to a renamed variant with identical capabilities
  2. Step-by-step modifications (without using pseudocode) to a working fork with modified capabilities
  3. The wiki page on submitting a 3rd party add-on

Users would also be advised to look at code that currently polls these customizable items:

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