Problem Downloading Gramps Source Code from github using SVN since 24 Aug

i’ve tried a few times to checkout source code from github using the URL it gives me … … but it always gets a timeout after 2 minutes (a common network app connection timeout period). the most recent message (they all look the same) i got was … svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 504 ‘Gateway Timeout’ on ‘/gramps-project/gramps.git’ … anyone know what the deal is? github otherwise appears to be working. is this a broken feature? is there an alternate way to get the most recent source code?

What happens if you use git instead of svn ?

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strange that “svn export” works on other github projects. what is an equivalent git command (non-interactive) to download or checkout the entire source tree?

Looking around the internet I see that this issue turns up every so often when repositories get very large (usually seems to be about a gigabyte or so). There were a couple of potential fixes mentioned, but since I don’t use SVN I could not evaluate. I used keywords “github svn 505” in my search.

If you want to use git (which definitely works) I recommend as a good tutorial.

i don’t want to spend the time learning git, at least not now. just to do one thing does not make much sense at this time. all i am trying to do is download repository source code. it seems like the problem is svn timing out because the server is not doing a simple thing for svn. i’ll try to see if i can make svn use a longer timeout.

it looks like some HTTP gateway is timing out at 2 minutes. maybe that’s how they are interfacing svn clients. i will have to wait until someone shows how to do this with git, or shows a different way to download source from the repository. else i will just have to browse what i have installed. all i want is to just see how gramps gets coded. since i do know some Python, i am curious how complex this is. i am also interested in what makes up a “build” in a Python based project (i’ve done that in C).

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that’s not an alternate way. that’s the way i tried.

but i did find a way that worked. i did “svn export” at 3 AM in the morning when the load on github was lower. i got 7.25 GB of code. that probably is more than github anticipated for one project. it is more than i expected. it might be a good idea to set up a tarball download at some point in the future when the size gets way too large.

unfortunately, original dates and times on files are not set on these files when downloaded this way. everything is dated 2020-09-23. i can’t see what is old. i don’t know if this is a git thing or an svn thing. i know tar does the date and time right.

Just download The link is right there in the screenshot above: “Download ZIP”.


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