Pressing Delete key on keyboard not working

Why dont anything happen when I have something selected and press delete button on my keyboard?
It makes deleting stuff take longer time having to press delete button with the mouse.

Just realized CTRL+Delete works.
Why is it that and not just Delete button?
Is there some setting I can change to change it that I havent seen?

Records and objects would get erroneously deleted. Making it a little more difficult makes it a positive action on the part of the user.

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Yeah, but there is a confirmation box anyway as a safety. There is also an Undo feature.

In all other software I have used, Delete is only the delete button and then maybe a warning window if its important enough, and it works fine for those programs me. Mind that those programs are not Genealogy.

Is there any way I can change it for myself at least?

Gramps is open source, you have all the code. Where the code is that would need to be modified? Good luck!


I was asking something similar here but the thread wandered astray:

I would dearly love to kill a few keybindings. First & foremost: Ctrl-w (close Tree) & Ctrl-c (‘open Gramps clipboard’ conflicts with ‘copy to OS Clipboard’)


Not everyone are a Python developer, so please stop the “Fork it and do it yourself”- answer, when people ask about things!

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I greatly appreciate being guided to where a feature can be hacked. If a user is so inclined, they can blunder through and try a patch. Then if it works, post either the lines to be tweaked or replacement files.

While not as immediately gratifying, it moves us forwards. AND, it offers (admittedly tedious) options to users who want something that doesn’t have wide enough appeal.

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Or If you do, then give a pointer to what file it is, or dont bother saying anything at all.

I think Dave was actually asking where the keybindings live in the code. In the past, he’s always identified code module & line number… if he had found them.

He has said that he’s not a Python coder. But he has an interest and is sharing the profits of his explorations. He’s a user who is adding to his tool chest.

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If That is what he ment, it was not written in a way that make it seem that way.

When the question is…

the appropriate answer is…


Sorry if my response was too too terse and taken the wrong way.

By the way you asked the question, it made it seem as if you did not realize that you could actually hack the code. My response was that you actually have all the code and can hack it. My second response was that I did not know where in the code the function could be found. My third response was wishing you good luck in your endeavor.

Going to do actual genealogy now.

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The best solution would be user customizable key bindings in preferences, so every user can just set them as they like them.


Hotkeys are not related to an application.
They are related to the window manager. If you want to remap the Delete or another Hotkey, you need to use external applications like autokey or xbindkeys on linux.
On windows, I think you can modify them, but I don’t know how.
If you remap the escape key to the Delete Hotkey, then when you type escape, the application will receive the delete hotkey.

I dont think you understand what this is about, Delete in Gramps is CTRL+Delete keyboard buttons while I want it to be just Delete.
(Like all other aplications I use basically)

Okay I see. I didn’t knew that it’s that hard to overwrite them. :thinking:

Hotkeys are not defined in gramps. So we can’t do nothing.
Window manager -> Gtk -> Gramps: where ?

I dont think I understand then, what Window manager?

I think you can modify this in windows. Perhaps the following can help you: How to Create a Custom Hotkey for Your Favorite Application