Can I disable a hotkey/keybinding?

(Gramps 5.1.3-2 on Win10)

I accidentally close my Tree too often. I’m not even sure what keystroke is closing the Tree.

But usually when it happens, I’m drilled down in a huge stack of spawned windows and trying to quicly ‘ok’ them all (in the right sequence) to get back to the top. (i.e., adding an Event in a heretofore unknown nation to a new Mother in a new set of parents means the spawned window hierarchy = Family+Person+Event+Place+4 enclosing Place levels)

Somehow, I manage to close the Tree too. Suddenly, my Clipboard objects all show as broken, my Undo history is flushed and the Go menu does… unpredictable things. Reloading restores the clipboard broken links.

Unloading a Tree (without a confirm) can really interrupt my workflow.

Not sure if you are speaking about CTRL + W. (as indicated in Main menu- Tree- Close).

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I was aware that Ctrl-w was the hotkey shown in the menus. But while I use Alt-O (OK) & Esc (Cancel) heavily, I do not use that Ctrl sequence.

In fact, I can think of NO scenario where the Closing a Tree would be used often enough to justify a key-binding

I agree, I can see no reason for having a key-binding for closing a tree, one thing is to open the Tree Manager or close Gramps… If it was possible to have multiple databases open and active in parallell, maybe…

I disagree very useful for swapping between the trees without lifting my hands from the keyboard, coming from someone who relies on keyboard shortcuts for everything possible, my goal is to use gramps inside of Emacs :wink:

It is extraneous.

There’s no need to close a loaded Tree before doing a Ctrl-O and using the cursor keys to choose a file & open the next Tree. Opening another Tree automatically closes the loaded one.

IMHO, the future of Gramps should allow multiple trees open at the same time in separate windows.

let me know when you get that done.

Closer than you know, now that Gramps master can be installed from pypi directly

that i did not know. nice! i should have searched for it a while back.

Its just a “preview”/“test” of version 5.2.
I can not find any documentation for it, so you should as always approach with care and not use it in a “production” environment.

i’m not ready to dabble in beta. i still need to get 5,1.3 going with my gedcom from ancestry.

In the Windows version of Gramps 5.1.3, the Ctrl-w keybinding can be disabled by commenting (prepend with a pound ‘#’ sign) line 385 of
C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64-5.1.3\gramps\gui\

        self._readonly_action_list = [
            ('Close', self.close_database, "<control>w"),
            ('Export', self.export_data, "<PRIMARY>e"),
            ('Backup', self.quick_backup),
            ('Abandon', self.abort),


        self._readonly_action_list = [
            #('Close', self.close_database, "<control>w"),
            ('Export', self.export_data, "<PRIMARY>e"),
            ('Backup', self.quick_backup),
            ('Abandon', self.abort),
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