PlaceUpdate Gramplet

Is there a way to add an enclosing date when specifying enclosing place in PlaceUpdate Gramplet ?

I want to make that change on ~1000 places so it would be cool:


Hi. I am the author of the PlaceUpdate gramplet. Currently this is not possible but this is a good idea. I will take a look at it.


It would be great if you managed to make this a feature…

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I have made the change and submitted a “Pull Request”. The new version will be 1.0.4.

I guess it might take some time until the change gets into the distributed version. If you know how to install plugins manually you can get the code from


It works very well !

Thank you !

Noticed your Gramplet wasn’t in the Addon List. It has now been amended.
Converted your ReadMe into a wikipage. Thank for authoring that in addition to the Gramplet itself!

Somebody felt the need to jump into editing before I had a chance finish the initial work. Unfortunately, two people working on the same wiki section tend to undo each other’s efforts. So further work on it has been pre-empted. (Again)

Here are the new captures for 1.0.4


I tried adding the following to your revised
But the Help button still goes to the main Gramplets page. Maybe somebody can make a suggestion?
help_url = "PlaceUpdate_Gramplet",

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