Places data - does it cross to another tree?

5.16 Windows
I think I know the answer but I am wondering can the places data from one tree be migrated to another? I have two trees and some of the same places occur in both. Do I need to put latitude and longitude data in the second tree manually or does it carry across from my first tree?

They are separate and you need to create the new places. That is one of the reasons that it is best to work with just one tree.

Use the geonames information and identifiers for your Place Tree, it helps with cross-compatibility.

Thanks, Dave.
I had come to that conclusion but was hoping that I was wrong. I am just starting with Gramps - I have both Windows and Linux computers so I liked its cross platform ability. I have been used to legacy, which has a master list that crosses separate trees. I will need to become more familiar with Gramps as well as amalgamate trees.
Cheers, Yvonne

Thank you. I appreciate the information.

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You can also export Places in the Place flat list view mode as CSV, tweak them in Excel and re-import into another Tree. (You have to configure the view to include columns for ID, Title, Type, Latitude and Longitude.)

See Addon:ImportGramplet - Gramps

The Isotammi Addons for extracting a Hierarchy from a Place’s Title and MultiMerge, exporting Place Trees are excellent tools for harmonizing Trees.

Thanks again . This looks a wonderful thing to explore. I love spreadsheets and can manipulate columns, etc. This may just work really well.
Cheers, Yvonne

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