Omitting an adoption from a gedcom

My grandmother was adopted in the early 1900s. I was able to get her original birth certificate, so I have both her birth parents and her adoptive parents in my tree. She is listed as a child in both families. In the adoptive family, both parents are listed as adoptive, and in the birth “family” both are listed as birth parents. When I export a gedcom, Gramps seems to do the correct thing. However, most places where I upload my tree (ancestry, familytreedna, gedmatch, etc) make a real mess of the situation. I think Gedmatch only used her adoptive parents (which is completely wrong for a genetic genealogy site), and as I recall Ancestry seemed to think her birth father and adoptive father had a child together (I’m pretty sure those two never even met). This is of course the fault of all those websites, and not Gramps. To avoid these problems, I have been going in to the gedcom file and manually editing it to remove my grandmother from her adoptive parents’ family. That is tedious and tricky to get right, since it has to be edited in two places, and I would rather not have to do it. Is there any way to get Gramps to skip the adoptive relationship when it exports the Gedcom. I guess I could remove her from the family, do the export, then put her back in the family (and remember to set the relationships correctly) each time I export instead, but I really don’t want to have to do that.

Any ideas?

You can set her relationship to her adoptive parents to Private. Then when you create a GEDCOM export, activate the Privacy Filter: Do not include records marked private.

I was an exchange student while in school and I have my host family in my tree. I mark my child link to the family as Private as well as that family’s record. This excludes this family when I create reports for my family.

EDIT: You may also want to consider which name you put as her Preferred Name for these exports.

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