Skipping a generation

I am using Gramps on a Windows 10 system.
I am working on a family of three generations.
I have found a boy, described as a grandson in the 1851 Scotland Census. He’s living with his widowed grandmother. The grandmother has multiple daughters no longer living with her. I don’t know which of these is his mother. His grandmother is caring for him on Census night and 10 years later his paternal grandparents are caring for him.
Until I can work out which daughter is his mother, how can I represent him on a Chart?
In the meantime, so he doesn’t disappear from the family, I have added an extra child (2nd generation) for the grandmother (1st generation) and named her ‘unknown’ and then added the boy as her child (3rd generation). I hope this is all making sense?
This is not a good solution because it’s untidy and wrong. It gives the impression that the grandmother had another daughter.
I would like to connect the boy directly both sets of grandparents and miss out the in-between 2nd generation. Is there any way I can do that in Gramps charts, please?
Look forward to hearing from you. And thanks very much for considering my question.

Please include your Gramps version and Operating System)

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How about name her “ambiguous daughter” instead of “unknown”?

Thanks, I’ll do it.
Do you know if there is any way I can hide the 2nd generation and have the connecting line go from the grandmother to grandson in this instance?

The Associations feature is new enough that there is a only spotty support for it in reports & nothing that graphs it.

But the obvious data connect would be to add reciprocal grandparent/grandchild Associations to create the explicit relationship.

I prefer genderless Associations (where possible) to keep thing more simplified.

Thanks very much.
This is great. I can use Associations rather than take notes about relationships that are distant. Sometimes they show up in other relationships at a later date, e.g. marriage between children of neighbours.
Thanks again, I do appreciate all your help.

What is a genderless Association?

Genderless means avoiding the variation specific to sex. Using the grandparentgrandchild and grandchild
grandparent reciprocal Associations rather than complicate it with the 4 pairs of gender specific Associations.

The original posting was a female ancestor to make descendant. So the gendered variant would have been the grandmothergrandson and grandsongrandmother reciprocal.

(Forgive the pedantic explanation. Figuring on adding this to the wiki.)

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Oh okay. The grandchild don’t really have its equivalent in French. Grandchildren yes but for grandchild, grandson or granddaughter are used. There is a grandchildren word used when speaking about multiple persons for that grandparents but for only one grandchild the sex is included in the word.

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That is the opposite of Norwegian then, Norwegian do not have a word for granddaughter or grandson, only for grandchild (barnebarn, aka childchild) (It also dont change if you are talking about one or multiple, one barnebarn, all the barnebarn). Interesting.

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