Norwegian translator wanted

Sorry for post from side topic
A friend has a church book entry from Norway. He would be very happy to find someone to translate this into English or German.

There are over 3,800 members in the “Norwegian-American Genealogical Association” public group on Facebook.

That should be a much larger pool of qualified potential volunteers.

I am Norwegian but dont want to translate that, as I am bad at reading old text, but you can also ask on this forum if you manage to navigate it even tho its Norwegian, I remember seeing English posts on it before:

Its forum for “National Archival Services of Norway”
The two sub forums you could possibly post in is:
“Brukernes eget forum” (Users own forum)
“Tyding av skannede kilder”(Interpretation of scanned sources)

Digital Archive can be a place you can find additionall old digitized stuff in Norway:
The Digital Archive (English Link)

Thanks for the replies,
as none of us knows norwegian it is a bit difficult to get the infos. But I followed your advice and posted to “Tyding av skannede kilder” in english.
Let us see what will happen…
cheers Uli


Ask for membership in this Facebook group, there is a lot of people with knowledge of reading old church books there.

You can ask the question in English, and just tell that you don’t know Norwegian.

It is of great help if you have a link to the church book on, but if you do not have that just post an image of it and tell that you don’t have the link… maybe someone even find the link for you.