New update to SuperTool available

Kari Kujansuu ( @kku ) of the Isotammi project has released a new 1.3.9 version of SuperTool. It is available for installation from the Isotammi collection of Gramps add-on on GitHub. (There will probably be additional updates over the next week as user feedback on new features drives minor refinements and fixes. Check frequently for updates.)

The new version allows building a library of Scripts as Notes inside your Gramps database. This allows Scripts that build Custom Filters to be more easily shared with other users. And, it is easier to keep your Custom Filter list tightly pruned in the interface without losing useful (and difficult to rebuild) complex Custom Filters.

The SuperTool’s Help dialog expands with the added access of hot-linked reference items and tooltips. What’s more, the help is based on an external helptext.json file in the SuperTool addon directory. This simplifies adding hotlinks and references that are appropriate for your style of use.

  • The SuperTool’s File menu offers new options to “Load from note” (of “SuperTool Script” type) and “Save in note”.
  • The SuperTool’s Help menu has the same menu item… but it leads to an enhanced dialog.
  • The getargs (“get arguments” parameterized queries) function has been improved to allow scripts to have checkbox and pop-up menus as User interactive selections. (The original offered a text box input.)
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Here, the Help has been customized to organize web references “Hints” that I’ve found useful when working with SuperTool.

SuperTool can be intimidating. Attached is an example of how a Tree can be used to exchange SuperTool scripts.

Download the gramps tree. Then begin with Gramps closed and open the attached Tree with Gramps. (Gramps will start, create a tree with the Name of the file, and import the tree data.)

Then open the “ToDo gramplet” on the Dashboard. (5.1.6 has a refresh bug where that Gramplet is not refreshed after an import. If you had the gramplet as a default on the Dashboard, either: close the gramplet and re-open; or, restart Gramps and reload the newly created Tree.) This illustrates how ToDo notes can be used to communicate when sharing Trees.

SuperTool_Scripts_2023.gramps (21.2 KB)

(You can collect Scripts in a separate Tree like this. When you want to populate your Custom Filters from scripts … or load category scripts into the various SuperTool namespaces … then just use the Family Tree menus to temporarily switch Trees to the SuperTool Scripts tree. Then switch back when the Custom Filters have been built. Both SuperTool Scripts and Custom Filter lists are independent of which tree is loaded.)

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