Moving events from christening to baptism

I’m testing genealogytree LaTex output, and noticed that in eventtype baptism is written to the .tex file while christening isn’t.

A few questions about this:
1.What is the difference between baptism and christening?
2. Why is only baptism written to the .tex file?
3. Is there a way to change all my christening events into baptism events?

Thank you very much

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In Tools >> Family Tree Processing there is the Rename Event Types. Make sure you have a backup before running any batch edit tools.

Religious customs. Even in the religions I am familiar with that call the religious rite a christening, they still baptize the person.

Christening is also a religious naming. To “christen” means to “give a name to”.

An FYI: You will often not be able to find information on the Birth but will find a church’s Baptism record. In Gramps, when there is no Birth event record, the Baptism or Christening event record will be used a fallback and stand in as if they are the Birth event. They will appear italicized in people lists. The same with Death and Burial.

Which report?

Warning to all, part of my answer is in Dutch!

Hi Eugene,

Kies menu Hulpmiddelen, Stamboombewerking, Hernoem gebeurtenistypen, en kies dan Doopnaam (chr) als origineel, en Doop als vervanging.

Oudere versies van Gramps noemden de ene Doop en de andere Doopsel, en dat onderscheid snapte ik zelf nooit. Doopsel klinkt om een of andere reden katholiek, maar zelfs daar kan ik fout mee zitten.

To all:

In my English - Dutch dictionary, both Baptism and Christening translate to Doop, so this is quite confusing for Dutch users.

Hello Dave,
Thank you very much for your answer.
The problem is that the LaTex package we use to create graphic trees (genealogytree) doesn’t recognize christening. It only uses baptism (Which is right in my opinion, as they are nearly synonyms.)

To make the program print my christening dates, I added 2 lines to /gen/plug/docgen/ after line 496

        elif event.type == EventType.BAPTISM:
            event_type = 'baptism'
        elif event.type == EventType.CHRISTEN:
            event_type = 'baptism'

That way the christening is printed in the Graph.

The other option is to convert all my christening events to baptism events…

I still think having both baptism and christening is a bit too much.
There is also an event type adult christening, which of course is something completely different.



Hello Enno,
Thank you very much for your answer.

I just might convert all my christenings into baptisms. Not only for my LaTex problem, but also because the gramps gui has baptism available on the first level, and to choose christening you have to first choose religious.

@Nick-Hall should the be using whatever Fall Back Events functionality is available so that these fallback cascades don’t have to be maintained in multiple places?

There are no fallback events defined for baptism.

You could do something like:

elif event.type in (EventType.BAPTISM, EventType.CHRISTEN, EventType.ADULT_CHRISTEN):
    event_type = "baptism"

as suggested.

Oh. I may have been reading wrong. Isn’t this for a Chart where the box has a Birth & Death but parallels the Birth Fallback and Death Fallback? Except that it does the weirdness of making the Christening fallback to a Baptism instead of directly to Birth?

I had not heard of an adult christening, only adult baptisms. But it make sense too for conversions.

The chart boxes can display both birth and baptism.

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Me neither, although they may exist if they’re associated with getting a (new) name, which is the essence of christening, as opposed to baptism.

For me, the problem seems to be associated with FamilySearch, that works with other data providers, like the Dutch open archives site, created by Bob Coret. It looks like when I attach a baptism source with that origin to a person, a christening event is created, which sometimes meand that I end up with persons that have christening and baptism events at the same date, which is very confusing.

So here’s a question for @eugene : Where are these christenings coming from? Do you also import profiles from FamilySearch? Or are they coming from GEDCOM files created by other (Dutch) programs?

When I enter data in Gramps, I always use Doop which is stored as baptism.

Hello Enno,
This was originally a gedcom created in pro-gen.

That must the reason why it all ended up in the christening event.

OK, nice to know. And when I think about this, Pro-Gen is right, because when we speak about Doop in the context as we know it, in Christianity, it is the where the child gets its name, and the GEDCOM standard only mentions naming in the description of Christening, not in baptism:

The religious event (not LDS) of baptizing and/or naming a child.

I can also see this in Legacy, which is the only Dutch speaking program that can share data with familySearch, which is why I use it next to Gramps, and in that Christening is listed as one of the 4 main events in a person’s life, next to Birth, Death, and Burial, and Baptism is shown between other facts and events, as something that can be done later in life.

And finally, I also checked PAF, which was the de-facto standard for genealogy software, and the first program to implement GEDCOM 5.5.1, and that also sees Christening as a main event, not Baptism.

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