Mother Format issue in Ancestor Tree graphical report

I am meeting a strange issue in the Reports>Graphical Reports>Ancestor tree:
All fathers boxes display right with the text inside the border box,
but all mothers display wrong with the name overlapping the border.

For example see Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This happens on the report for my main tree, which currently has 21 generations. It does not happen on reports for smaller trees.

I have no idea what is causing the misplacement of names for Mother boxes, or why mothers only. Any pointers?

I use Gramps AIO32-5.1.5-1 on win10, with the following settings:
Paper size A3, 21 generations, compress tree, scale tree to fit page, output pdf

Father format:
{◦ $b{ $B}}
{† $d}{ $D}

Mother format:
{◦ $b{ $B}}{
⚭ $m{ $M}{ ⚮ $v{ $V}}
{† $d}{ $D}

Replace Display Format:
about /±
before /<
after />
-00 /

Interbox and shadow 1.00

Thank you.
dan - using AIO32-5.1.5-1 on win10.

After much testing my results.

The max number of generations that kept results within the box was 10 generations. More than 10 those added generations started to render outside the boxes.

Other settings I changed.

Uncheck the compress tree option.

Paper size Custom w=270 h=420 landscape metric (A3 metric x10)
Scale tree to fit page with Resize page to fit Tree size checked.

The Resize page option seemed to work best with the initial larger size paper but did not like an initial larger paper size (A3 metric x 100). This rendered a chart that you can view on the computer. These same settings worked with the SVG output.

If you want the A3 size to actually print to paper… with the smaller ‘paper’ size saw the information rendered outside the boxes. To actually print to paper, explore options to print to a large format printer at a commercial office supply company (i.e. Staples in the U.S.)

Bottom line, the combination of the generations, compressed tree and shrink to fit is too much to render properly.

Thank you Dave,
your idea to change the paper size (Custom w=270 h=420, A3 x10) works on my computer. Now I can produce pdf files that display correctly on my screen.
I guess it will bite me back if someday I try to print, but 21 generations on a form A3 is anyway not legible. No problem for now.

Thank you so much for this nice workaround!

Having run the report many times and then seeing the various results I noticed something missing. People’s Baptism events with dates and places. This would be important for early records where the baptism event is documented but not the birth.

Do you know how to add these events (if they exist) to the report?

I haven’t used it, but I suppose it can be done by using the Event substitution key $e[Baptism]

The manual gives an exemple with $e[Bar Mitzvah] at:
Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 2 - Gramps (

Also note Alternate events already exist and may do what you seek:

“## Fallback Events
Gramps uses a number of Fallback events in lists and views when one of the main life events is missing.
As an example, a person’s Baptism event may be known but not the Birth event. In the lists and views if there is no Birth event, the date of the Baptism is used where the birth date would normally be displayed. When these dates are used, the date will be displayed in italics.”

Well aware of these. I have added (for 5.2) “Stillbirth” as a fallback for both Birth and Death events. Unfortunately, this class of reports do not take advantage of this feature.

Have not had the time to explore adding other events to the chart.

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