More metadata questions

As I am working my way through adding more metadata to my media files, I have come up against the (expected) reality that modifying the metadata in a media file, will inevitably modify the file’s MD5 checksum, which means that the Media Verify tool will report the file as missing.
At this time, I have not had a good look at the Media Verify tool as yet, but this issue will be a big hurdle to any editing//modifying of metadata within Gramps. Although I have not searched, I would assume that that issue might have led to the slow progress on any such plugin.

As I am reasonably familiar with Exiftool, I have asked some related questions in that forum to see if people familiar with metadata in media files might be able to suggest ways to address this issue. See:

The Media Verify tool’s Generate option will reset all checksums. I use this BEFORE I am thinking about reorganizing folders or file names. Then the Verify tool’s Verify option is guaranteed finding the files to Fix them.

I am constantly looking for better quality files and images. And if you ever edit an image; crop, resize, etc, the checksums no longer agree.

Gramps Check and Repair will also reset all checksums.

Understood; I generally use a similar workflow to make sure the tool only reports things I have intentionally changed in the current session.

The problem I see with the tool marking the files as missing is that I now have to also ‘find’ the file again for Gramps.
Naturally I’ll know where the file is/was, but Gramps no longer knows where it is because Gramps only checks the checksum, which is good enough if a file gets moved or renamed.

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