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At top of sheet of paper my MIL has a paragraph containing information about family crest. What is the best way to record it in Gramps. I’d like to connect this with everyone of that last name. Do I make a Note containing the paragraph and type the citation in by hand? What I’m doing now is making an external files named “Stuff”, “Place History”. I’d prefer to keep it all in Gramps, if possible

As I get farther along in MIL and Mother’s papers, I’m going to have many similar entries and I’d rather figure out the best way before I get to far along.


GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1, Windows 10

In that particular situation, I would attach a Note to the family crest Media object… that would be the caption for that crest.

Then choose where that Crest would appear in a publication. Say the person at the beginning of a surname Lineage. Printing the same element excessively can cause readers to skip over sections.

Since Gramps doesn’t have document management features, you have have develop your own system or adopt a document management tool.

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Thank you. I’ll try that and I am going to have to find/devise a document management tool. I’ve got too many documents which don’t fit easily into GRAMPS.

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