Merge best practice

Is there a particular best practice for merging trees?

gramps and grampsweb both keep nodes (people, families, etc.) in an SQLite3 DB. If I download the DB from my server, open it with gramps locally, merge the GED file, and put the DB back on my server, is there an intrinsic risk to the fidelity of other records (i.e. that a picture or a note will no longer be linked to a person, family, etc.)? [The trees in question are reasonably distinct – there are maybe half a dozen overlapping records.

Hi, you can use the Addon:Import Merge Tool - Gramps locally. But there is no need to download any SQLite files. Just export a Gramps XML from the “Export” page. It’s actually much cleaner as the databases sometimes contain inconsistencies that are cleaned up on export & import.

Awww man, and I was sooooooooooo looking forward to digging around the bowels of SQL.