Possible SQL server instead of SQLite and possible linkage using familysearch ID

I would like to be able to use SQL server instead. That way better analytics can be performed. I would also like to be able to import data into Gramps using my data from Family Search. Using the IDs created would be a great way, for the most part, to keep down duplicate imports of people and to be able to combine data that is new. It is also a good way to expand on a family tree.

Have a look at the PostgreSQL database addon. It should be fairly easy to develop a SQL server backend based on it.

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IMHO, you won’t get better functionality for the time being because GRAMPS emulates key/value mode of BSDDB over SQLite. I had a look at PostgeSQL extension. It doesn’t improve the emulation and you end up with opaque TABLEs.

To really boost performance and capabilities requires redesigning the DB interface. I’m working (slowly) on this but since I don’t want to break compatibility with my existing trees and I don’t want either to modify the entry dialogs (I am not versed in GTK+ programming), it is quite tricky.

A better approach would be a re-implementation from ground up with transfer of existing trees through XML loading.

It won’t help, because there is no direct access to those IDs, because they’re hidden in attributes, which are enclosed in the pickled person objects.

There is an experimental FS add-on, but I’m not sure whether it still works, and I am quite sure that it’s not certfified by FamilySearch, so I don’t recommend it.

And knowing that, I recommend that you use RootsMagic instead. It does all the syncing for you, and it is a certified program.

Thank you all for the suggestions. yeah, there are a few issues with the access to direct data which is why I was hoping to get something modified for SQL but from my understanding I will still have the same issue. As for the Family search IDS I do not want to download I just want to keep duplicates from happening. Since they are unique IDS I thought there might be a way to incorporate that in so that if you import gedcom data that contains these IDS it would auto-merge the data if a duplicate ID is found.

You could look at the mongodb backend… but it needs to be updated…

It is easy to map/sync mongodb to any sql server.
Sadly, there seems to be no interest for that backend.

OK, I get it. I use Ancestral Quest and RootsMagic a lot to download new branches, but have to use manual merging to incorporate those in my main tree. And although I would very much like to see a smarter GEDCOM import, we don’t have that yet.

It would make life much easier for other sites too, like Ancestry and My Heritage, which already support persistent IDs.

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