MailList archive search parameters

I am having some difficulty with searching the Maillist archives.

The first search comes in with results from all 4 Gramps MailLists with no discernible order.

I can apply a filter to choose just the User maillist but those results are also disordered. In the following, I queried the “nchi” (the ‘number of children’ tag in GEDCOM) and limited the response to the Gramps User maillist.

But the real problem is that when I click the Date column header to sort, the filter is dropped. (A minor issue is that the 1st Sort is Oldest to Newest and I’m invariably seeking the most recent discussion.)
(Intermittently, both the maillist filter and the query terms have been flushed.)

What I really want is retain the previous search but append ‘descending’ parameter to the query the terms (or “phrase”) & maillist filter:"my+query+terms"&mail_list=gramps-users&limit=50&page=0&sort=posted_date%20desc

Is there any way to have the behavior changed?

Maybe the support page for the Mailing Lists provided by to the project can provide the answer, I haven’t looked.

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