macOS and Windows "GTK File Chooser" dialog capture request

Could a macOS and a Windows user post a window capture of the Import dialog (drilled down to the Example CSV and back up to the breadcrumb containing “example”) folder in a standard install of Gramps and with the Example folder clicked and the context menu showing?

For Linux (Fedora), the final image (I will add the post-process hightlighting of the breadcrumbs and context menu option) looks like this:

The File Chooser and path to example files (including Example.gramps and its media path) are 2 of the biggest OS fork differences that users need to know about in the wiki. It would good to have dialogs for all three supported OSes on that wiki page.

I do not have access to my Windows box at the moment.

For inclusion at:

On my Mac, I don’t have a gramps folder underneath usr/share/doc. I’m using the application bundle installed from a dmg file; I did not build from source.

When I open the import dialog, it’s pointing to the “Backup path” that I put in my Preferences (not to the “Family Tree Database path”.) I don’t recall what the original path was before I changed my preferences.

Here are the file locations for the example.gramps file (but please drill down to the example/csv/ folder then navigate via breadcrumbs to the “gramps” directory and show the context menu for the “example” folder) under all 3 OSes:

Load example.gramps

Follow these steps to bring the external file “example.gramps” into a family tree database:

  • on Linux, /usr/share/doc/gramps/example/gramps/. If the file is named example.gramps.gz, rename it to example.gramps and gramps will recognize it. You can copy this file to a temporary location or import it directly from this directory.
  • on MS-Windows v5.1.5 AIO, C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64-5.1.5\share\doc\gramps\example\gramps (On MS-Windows, ensure you can see hidden files; see User Directory:MS Windows)
  • on Apple macOS, the example database is located inside the application bundle at /Applications/

Like this?

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close enough! I can change the bottomost breadcrumb from ‘gramps’ to ‘csv’ manually. (having the same word in the breadcrumbs twice make that feature harder to describe in the text of the wiki.)

thank you

@emyoulation Is this what you need?

Gramps 5.1 on Win10

It is very close. Could you drill the breadcrumbs down to share/doc/gramps/example/csv/ then click on the share/doc/gramps breadcrumb to pop back up 2 levels? It leaves the deepest path showing in Breadcrumbs. But that MIGHT not be the case in Windows.

Have you added the c:, d:, and GrampsAIO64-5.1.5 bookmarks manually? There aren’t a similar bookmarks in the Linux or macOS.

Which reminds that I don’t know where the GTK File Chooser’s bookmark customizations are stored. Nor how to reset them to defaults. More things to research.

All of the folders down to, and including, the program file folder are all preset folders. A divider line appears below these to separate user bookmark folders.

I’ll see if I can find out where the bookmarks are being stored.

I do have a few Bookmarked folders and right-click allows Open, Remove, Rename

There is another divider line below bookmarks with the entry:

+ Other Locations This takes you to the basic Windows folders; Computer, Windows (C:), DVD RW Drive (D:)

Of note, I tried this function by adding a thumb drive. It did not get added to this list.

And a new screenshot.

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I edited bookmarks using Notepad++ and it contains the folder structure to my bookmarked folders.

file:///c:/users/public/genealogy/media Media

This was the only file in the folder.

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On this Fedora Linux installation, there were 2 gtk-3.0 folder : 1 for Gramps and another for GIMP.

The Gramps bookmarks were in

Also known as


After adding the example folder, it contained a single line:


Looking at this again, if the thumb drive is installed before Gramps is launched, it will display in the main list the directory options as well as the + Other Locations

Conversely, if the thumb drive is ejected/removed it remains in the list.

EDIT: and it now appears to update the folder directory as thumb drives are added while Gramps is open

Thanks! All 3 OS variants are now on the wiki page.