Just looking for someone to interview

I am sorry you mistook my previous post as an advertisement or SPAM. I am simply looking for one of the founding members of Gramps for an interview, either via email or on video

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Hi Ed,

I don’t know what the mods said in response to the previous posting, but there may be users like me who are interested. However, the idea you posted is pretty vague, so I wasn’t sure what the point of the interviews is or how it would benefit Gramps or the folks who participate. I think many of us are familiar with the idea of Evidentia and some of us have used or are using it.

Could you describe the vision you have for this?



Sorry your message was marked as spam by a forum user, I’ve reviewed and unmarked it and also removed your email address. I’ll answer directly on your message and lock this post.

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The Gramps Project.

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