Chat with your geneology?

I am currently researching if it would be feasible to use the Gramps Web API as a basis for an interface to query (and potentially even update) your geneology through chatting with an AI agent. Recent developments like GPT4, GPT functions returning structured data, and middleware like Langchain have made such ideas much more realistic in the last year or so.

Imagine if you could write free form about your family and let the agent build the tree for you - adding people, dates, relations, places, events, and other details as you go. Using Langchain it would probably be possible to program the agent to ask clarifying questions. “Are you referring to your uncle Bob, or your sisters spouse Bob?” or “Was it your grandmother on your fathers or mothers side who worked in a Ford factory?”

My question is: Are there developers in this space who would be interested in working on something like this? I write code myself, but mostly do data science and scripting, so it would be a lot more fun to team up with someone who is already invested in Gramps.


:raising_hand_man: Yes, I’d love to collaborate on that.

It would be great being able to use open source models like Llama 2 instead of GPT, do you have experience with them?

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