ChatGPT4 and genealogy

Import a GEDCOM to write a biography citing sources, or have one created to import it into Gramps.

ChatGPT4 AI performance is amazing!

Idea for a future addon to communicate with its API?

I already have on my phone a (Macrodroid) macro using the GTP3 API to ask it questions using the vocal interface/recognition, it answered me, in French, with a good text also transcribed vocaly.

I’ll try it with some gedcom on my computer.

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That’s a great idea. I didn’t knew it could understand Gedcom input. :grin:

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So, the lisencing of chatGPT is okay using API keys etc.

but the API key that Isotammi use for login control, and only use for those that needs to log in to their service to give them their correct user settings, is not okay?


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