Just looking for someone to interview from the Gramps Project (Genealogy Showcase invitation)

Ed Thompson’s review ([Review]Featuring GRAMPS Features! Is It Really A Genealogy Program for All? By Edward Thompson) was streamed 18 March 2021, and the discussion was the next day.

The review was very even-handed. Ed spent a significant amount of time watching video tutorials and demonstrated that Gramps proficiency requires a good bit of repetition. There were features that he really liked but was unable to find again. And one quote (starting at 55:14) sums it up: “Gramps is easy to use… if you know how to use it.

Another truism Ed noted a couple months earlier in episode 7 of the Genealogy Software Showcase (“Discovering Free Family History Software”, starting at 11:30, streamed Jan 14, 2021) was that “The plus is that Gramps is highly configurable” … “The downside is that Gramps is a highly configurable program. So it may take a little bit to get the program set up exactly the way that you want it.

There are also over 23,000 Gramps installs on linux from flathub, but that is not the current version. The current 5.2.2 flatpak is now doing the week long review at gramps-project before pushing to flathub.