Is there a kubernetes template?

Hello there,

I see “Kubernetes” mentioned left and right (I am a new user, and therefore I can only post 2 links :person_shrugging:)

  • I was thinking to spin this “in production” via Chart List | TrueCharts - but I am a total newbie in kubernetes.
  • There is also, but I am not sure if the auto-conversion is good enough
  • And then, hopefully, “minimum information” to actually stay inside the deployment, and instead carrying “a folder” that would make it trivial to “move around” if need be, and re-deploy it with the same Kubernetes configuration on a different server.

here Is Gramps Web Sync adaptable for broader use? - #8 by DavidMStraub and here Are there maintenance conflicts withe active users? - #2 by DavidMStraub

I use Kubernetes for Grampshub, but, believe me, it’s complicated, and if you’re a newbie, I would strongly advise you not to go down that road.

That’s also why I don’t want to share the setup - it’s highly specific, and supporting users who fail getting it to work would be a nightmare. I want to focus on supporting the default docker-compose based deployment which IMO is enough for >99% of users.

If some kubernetes pro wants to share a generic setup and support that also for the community, it would of course be welcome…

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I don’t want to do it either :sweat_smile:

However, my local server is a TrueNAS Scale, and I’d like it to host it for me.
At least - for the time being I am playing around it and see how it works. I don’t want it sitting temporarily on any laptop.


If there’s a current implementation of docker-compose template I think it’s fair to try and convert that into a Helm chart, I’m not experienced with it but I think it’s worth a shot.

I did start with and didn’t find the result super useful.

Yeah - that’s what I thought :confused:

And since I cannot “containerize” that Kubernetes result - I don’t want to apply it to my local laptop. (Since I don’t know how to expunge “everything it caused”). Starting a VM to test the result feels overly an overkill.

And then, if I make something nice (and then I’d like to transfer it around), I’d like the export/import artifact to be “just one directory/tar file”.

And I understand that you don’t want to “freely give” the fruits of your labor.
I wish the TrueNAS Scale would support also doing “simpler things”.

You can try and pull it off locally with kind which is pretty much compliant with any other K8s implementation.

I have the same use case as @stdedos. And would appreciate any help to get this done very much.
Im looking for a replacement to ancestry that is local hosted.

Was tinkering with kubernetes but I know nothing about gramps and probably not enough on kube either. is another option that is avileble on Truecharts, but that is obviously a simpler feature set than gamps.

Truecharts has a opencollective for requesting new “charts” now. Is probably the best option if you need this in a timely manner.

A. Order a chart from us directly: Tier - Open Collective

This message was Flagged as possibly being spam… probably because it linked to a commercial alternative.

However, since Gramps doesn’t have this feature, it seems reasonable to suggest alternatives. (And even if Gramps did have such a feature, suggesting alternatives that might be more powerful or easier also seems reasonable.)

Do others feels the same way? Or is censorship the preferred path?

If is GEDCOM-compliant, then maybe I can use it for now.

Thank you for mentioning it :slight_smile:


If you want to host Gramps Web locally, why don’t you just use the documented way using compose?