Gramps WebAPI installation on Synology NAS - using docker

So some time ago, I had come here asking for help running it on a VM on Synology. However, after rightly being redirected to docker.
I promised to create a video tutorial but I chickened out and wrote the instructions with screenshots.
@emyoulation and @DavidMStraub hopefully I have not disappointed you with the delay and going by a writeup instead of a video.

Link to the article: How to Install Gramps Web API on a Synology NAS | by Vivian Lobo | Sep, 2021 | Medium

If it is worth, then may be a link within the wiki. (Excuse the shameless plug)
I will write up some more with other options to install on Synology.


Hi @vivian, thanks, that’s awesome! Since the original post, we have set up a new documentation site at Introduction - Gramps Web API which is populated from the Markdown files in the docs folder. Feel free to add a link in a PR!

By the way, yesterday, I have opened a new pull request with some (backwards compatible) changes to the configuration system and the docker image. This will simplify the docker-based deployment, getting rid of two of the steps in this procedure.

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Oh woah… the new update looks awesome. I will update the article accordingly. I did notice the new doc site and it is so much easier and better looking now.
I have also made sure I have linked to the new doc site and will issue a PR

Edit: I Will request a PR after your changes have been merged.


Personally, I prefer articles over videos when actually working a task. (Although videos can create more confidence for novices trying to determine whether a task is within their skill set and degree of commitment.)

Writing good articles tends to force me to explore a process more exhaustively. It benefits me as a user because I learn the subject more thoroughly in order to write about it. I hope you’ve found this benefit too!

As an open-source all-volunteer project, I don’t think there is any expectation of specific commitments or timelines. People contribute effort as it fits into their life. And any contribution is a blessing.

There was a person posting to Matrix looking to get Gramps going in Russian on a Synology NAS. The moderator was unfamiliar with modern NAS products that are more than a network-visible file folder.

I posted a link in that thread to your article. Dunno if that notifies the user who originally asked but who has signed out.

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I totally agree on this point. I did write it at least 4-5 times and made sure every screenshot matched and so on. I am so thorough now that I can write it with my eyes closed.
I am waiting for David to merge his PR and then I will be able to make the screenshot changes.
Portainer is great but I will also do a write up of directly using the docker compose command.

Thanks again for the encouragement.

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Just realised the front end project David has.
Woah that is a pain to run too on Synology, time for another article if I and when I overcome the pain.

thanks for the awesome information.


thanks my issue has been fixed.

Being new to Docker and just having installed a Docker Desktop on a Win 11 PC to get to know Docker better, I am curious whether it might be possible to install this code and how I would go about it if it is possible?