Is the Note linker guessing predictable?

I do not understand how the Note Linker guesses what the user might be linking.

When clicking the Link icon, the Link Editor appears, making a ‘guess’ about the Link Type & Gramps item.

Most frequently, its guess is the Active Person. But not always.

What influences Gramps in making this guess?

It seems to be influenced by the parent dialog where the Note Editor was opened. (i.e., guesses appear to differ if the Note Editor was spawned from the Note Category, clipboard or the Note tab of an editor.)

Because the Person/Place Object Selector is SOOOO slow to populate and hard to navigate for large Trees, it would be helpful to understand how to influence the Guess manually and avoid the Object Selector entirely.

The linking in the Note Editor has quite a number of idiosyncrasies & bugs. Those issues haven’t grabbed anyone’s interest … so we have to find workarounds. The odd behavior is explored a bit deeper in another thread.

(Gramps 5.1.5 and Win10 Home)

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