Is it possible to use custom name display formats in GrampsWeb?


I’m learning howto use GrampsWeb, the version is:

Gramps 5.2.2
Gramps Web API 2.3.0
Gramps Web Frontend 24.5.0
Gramps QL 0.3.0
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: false

In my culture it is preferrable to use names like this:

Sergei Sergeevich Semin

It is:

<given name> <patronymic surname> <primary surname>

But in GrampsWeb, as I see, by default widely used another order:

<given name> <primary surname> <patronymic surname>

This order is very unusual in my culture. Is it possible to change display name format?

I found that it possible to do in desktop Gramps:

But I can’t find such settings in GrampsWeb.

Please, let me know, is there exists some way to configure custom display name format in GrampsWeb to change order of surnames in tree, person lists and person pages?


it is currently not possible. Feel free to open a feature request at Issues · gramps-project/gramps-web · GitHub.

@DavidMStraub, thank you for such quick answer!

I will open a feature request, thank you.

I supposed, that it is maybe not possible in GrampsWeb at current moment. You confirmed my concerns.

So, my other question about workaround - is it possible at current moment to use desktop Gramps as client to GrampsWeb Api as described here:

So, my workaround scenario looks like this:

  • all users have owner role in GrampsWeb
  • all users use desktop Gramps with Gramps Web sync addon
  • all users periodically make changes in tree data using desktop Gramps and regularily sync changes with my GrampsWeb installation

I will configure name display format after tree creation using this manual for Gramps and, as I think, it will propogate to all Gramps desktop installations on users PC after their sync with GrampsWeb.

Please, explain me: is this scenario realistic?

My main aim in scenario described is to enable collaborative work on tree data for several users and to enable comfortable way of data sync between users…


it’s technically possible, just be aware that giving all users owner permissions means you have to trust them - also to not break things accidentally.

The new revision history feature makes that a bit easier because you can track who changed what.

And by using local Gramps, it’s also easy to do regular backups.

So yes, I think you can try it out like that.

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@DavidMStraub, thank you very much for your help, I will try last method described here with several desktop Gramps installations synced with GrampsWeb using addon! And I will also open feature request for GrampsWeb later.

@DavidMStraub, hi!
You wrote:

I found this opened issue:

It is about display format for name in graph views.
I think, it describes a subtask of bigger task - howto customize name display format in all places in web interface. Please, let me know - is it better to open new feature request or to add new comment to existing issue mentioned here?

Thanks for checking! Yes, please open a new one - the existing one is relatively easy to implement as the OP only asked for one specific name format in one specific view.

@DavidMStraub, thank you for your answer!
I have created new feature request as you suggested earlier: