Interactive family tree - add-on issue?

Gramps 5.1.5 Windows 11
Using the Interactive Family Tree add-on. (renders a web-based view). I have 2 major trees that start with a set of parents (so 2 sets of parents). But when I run this feature it only renders 1 set of parents (and tree below). I notice it highlights the very first person I entered into GRAMPS (ID 1000) and wonder if this has something to do with why it will not render the other family (this person - ID 1000 married someone from the other family that does not render).
Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


It looks like the Interactive Family Tree filters the data fed to the chart based on relatives of the active Person.

The All Relatives & Hourglass Chart selection support that assumption. There’s not indication of what will be contained in the Fancy Tree.

This charting tool isn’t inside our software. Gramps just feeds it data. It can also be fed from WikiTree or WebTrees.

If you want some kind of double-barrelled focus from Gramps, you may need to suggest that in the Topola Viewer’s GitHub discussion area.

There might be a workaround by exporting a GEDCOM that include both families. The big question is how users would interactively navigate between the 2 separate branches.

I am curious what defines an “active person”?
I notice after rendering it always highlights the very first person I entered into the system (ID 1000) even though I had not selected it in the Person list.

The Active Person and Home Person are core concepts in Gramps.

It is the 1st term defined in the Gramps Glossary … the definition has a hotlink to the wiki-based user manual section about how to navigate (change) the Active Person focus (selection).

The Gramps Glossary is the easiest way to find where a subject is introduced in the wiki manual. And, since you cannot look up something from the Graphical User Interface without knowing its name, the Visual Guide to the Gramps Interface introduces the proper names of elements on-screen.

Thanks… that explains why the feature is only showing those from ID1000 on down, etc… So I don’t see his wife’s parents and tree…
The Family Lines graph meets my needs showing both families and intersections but I just liked this feature’s presentation a bit better.

A question… Can I change (or swap) the ID1000 to someone else? If I have one of the Topmost fathers as ID1000, then his son (currently ID1000) and his wife (and her parents) may show up, etc.

Hope I explained that well.

The ID number is mostly irrelevant. It just has to be unique. (Although not necessary, you can change IDs by typing into the ID field in any Editor dialog. You would have to change the Target ID to something else before that ID would available for re-use. So a ‘swap’ would take 3 steps.)

What matters is:

  • The currently selected Person (they are the Active Person)
  • The Home Person (Generally, this is the progenitor at the heart of your Tree.)

You can reset either of these designations at any time.

I would expect that you would want the Active Person to also be the Home Person for charts of this kind.

To move the selected Active Person to the Home Person, click the Home icon on the toolbar:

Thanks again. I did change the Active and Home Person to be the same. But when running the Interactive Family Tree feature it still seems to key off the ID1000 (not the active/home person) so leaves out the wife’s family (parents, siblings)

how about using the Graph View add-on? Here’s a “All connected” option of the Chart of the family of Queen Elizabeth II:

The default options only show the direct ancestors of the Active Person. (The Green background indicates the Home Person. In this case, that is Queen Elizabeth II.)

Thanks… I see the All Connection button and now can see all the trees …
Doesn’t seem able to print to PDF, etc. though… Thanks

The Graph View has a “Print” icon in the toolbar. But it generates a pair of files (a Scalable Vector Graphics .svg and a Graphviz .gv) that would have to be converted to PDF format using another application.

Unfortunately, Inkscape didn’t like the paths to the thumbnail avatars in the .svg file on my Windows box.

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