Installation of 5.1.4: Virus warning Win64.Malware.Coiminer.DB (Engine B)

I just tried to install the 5.1.4. version and got the following messages (GData Tracker):
Win64.Malware.Coiminer.DB (Engine B) in

  1. libjasper-4.dll (Process: gdk-pixbuif-query-loader.exe)
  2. libtff-5.dll
  3. libgd.dll
  4. liicudt58.dll

Does some one have an explanation and recommendation how to handle this issue? Thanks

As long as you have downloaded the AIO from the Release v5.1.4 · gramps-project/gramps · GitHub page, you should have gotten the official release.

The files you mention have been the same in every release since late 2017. So it seems unlikely that all the various virus scan tools in the last 4 years have missed something.

I suspect that whatever virus scan tool you are using is using heuristics to decide if something is a virus. Since a number of viruses utilize open source software (like these libs) as part of their operation, it seems possible that the scanner has decided that these must be part of a virus. Even though they are almost certainly innocuous in themselves…

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