Incorrect Ordering of Siblings in Relationship Graphs

I ran into an issue with incorrect ordering of siblings in Relationship Graph reports – some (but not all) members get placed incorrectly according to their birth order. The Descendant Tree reports have no issue with generating the correct ordering in their trees.

The issue occurs with both GrampsAIO64 v4.2.8 and v5.1.4 on my Win10 PC.

Any info/pointer on how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.


You could possibly try the patch mentioned or wait for the release of Gramps 5.2 sometime in the future?

Copy paste from reddit:

0002635: Wrong ordering of the children in the Relationship Graph which mentions a patch PR90 that seems to be for the next major release of Gramps eg: 5.2

Thanks for the reply and pointer.

I’ll have to wait as I’m not skilled enough to know how to make use of the patch.

Also, another strange thing with this bug: I happened to have to add a few more members to a couple of families in my tree that were not affected by the incorrect ordering issue in the faulty graph report, and now the incorrect ordering issue no longer manifests in the new output report!

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