Include People with “Associated” relationships to "Relationship graph"

Can anyone please implement the following enhancement:
It is necessary to include People with “Associated” relationships in the “Relationship graph” using dashed arrows. As you can see in the screenshot, people who only have associative links are displayed without lines.

Typically, these could be godparents, wedding witnesses, or others. And they often turn out to be actual blood relatives. Overall, the benefits we will gain by implementing this enhancement are listed in this discussion: Advanced Gramps Plugin for Enhanced Family Connections Analysis

This is a very powerful tool, but it still needs a bit of refinement.

@Urchello It’s very helpful to have a discussion on feature requests on the forum here. Eventually feature requests should end up in the bug tracker. Thanks.


@codefarmer sure!
Here it is:
13032 : Include People with “Associated” relationships to “Relationship graph”
      moved from “Gramps” (bug reports) to “Feature requests”

I can also help you with testing of this feature on a git branch.
Thanks a lot!

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