In Graphs need descending button

hi i am new here

in Graphs need descending button. I would like to create a descendant tree with the oldest ancestor at top and successive generations in each row below.


Look at the Configure… options. There is a toolbar icons and a View menu item. Most Chart category graphs can be configured for direction.

Tree direction:

  • Vertical (↑)
  • Vertical (↓)
  • Horizontal (→)(default)
  • Horizontal (←)


All views, including the Charts: Pedigree view, has a configure icon in the tool bar. Gramps-config For the chart views like Pedigree, you can select your desired orientation as well as size, etc.

There is an addon Graph View that can be added to the Charts grouping. It allows both ancestors and descendant and will add siblings. There is also an All Connected option to expand the view to include the in-laws, etc.

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